River Report

Fishing report July 18th to 24th

July started off with great fishing and nothing has changed, in fact its only getting better!. The thunderstorms this past weekend produced a lot of rain especially in the head waters of the Bonaventure and Petite Cascapedia. The Bony rose three feet and the Petite about two, the Grand Cascapedia came up about 6 inches. High water means mostly canoe fishing and the salmon are holding in our high water pools. 

 The hot fly’s, Tube fly’s, tube fly’s and more tube fly’s. Patterns that are producing the Silver sloats Tail, Arndilly fancy, Silver Elver and the all Black on FL Green. The Stone Ghost and Blue Charm are also holding their own. Drys were working very well before the rise in water and are beginning to produce once again.


Sun rise on The Grand Cascapedia