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Our Founder

Glenn Legrand was born in Paspebiac, a small town on the Gaspe Coast. Growing up in a family that was deeply entrenched in angling traditions, Glenn developed a passion for fishing as a child. With a great-grandfather overseeing the Grand River for over four decades and a father initiating him into the art of fly fishing at a young age, Glenn’s affinity for the sport was inevitable.

Motivated by his passion for nature and a keen eagerness to share the excitement of salmon fishing with others, Glenn started his career as an Atlantic salmon fishing guide on the Bonaventure River.

In his early years, he worked as a guide for Tom Duncan on the Grand Cascapedia River and for Helen Campbell who owned Camp Brule on the Petite Cascapedia River. He then started a small guide fishing business. The success of this venture inspired him with the idea to build a fishing lodge on the Bonaventure River. In 1993, Camp Bonaventure materialized into a reality with the support of his partners, Mike Crosby, Jim Lawley, and Greg Burk, who were avid fishermen from Nova Scotia, and later Dan Greenberg from Ottawa.

Glenn oversaw all aspects of the management of the camp, and he played a pivotal role in the acquisition of both Salmon Lodge on Grand Cascapedia and The Canadian Salmon Club on the Bonaventure.

Glenn semi-retired from the day-to-day operations of managing Camp Bonaventure in 2020 but has remained as a consultant for the company. He also returned in 2023 to manage The Club on the Bonaventure.

When asked what his vision had been for Camp Bonaventure when he started, Glenn said that he had wanted to offer his guests a top-quality fishing experience, that included lodging, meals, and guides in a wonderful location. He knew that he could not do it alone, so he found the right partners and employees to build it with him and for that he is grateful.

When asked about the future that he sees for 3Camps, he expressed confidence in the success of the lodges with the assurance that, given the presence of the right individuals, 3Camps will be as successful in the future as it has been in the past.

“The biggest thing is respect for the resource."

~ Glenn Legrand

Camp Bonaventure

Camp Bonaventure is a sporting lodge that was designed for discriminating fly-fishing enthusiasts on one of the clearest and most pristine rivers in Eastern Canada. Flowing through time, the waters of the Bonaventure River have witnessed generations of anglers casting their lines in pursuit of wild Atlantic salmon. This historic waterway became a destination and get-away for those seeking the thrill of the catch.

As a young and ambitious fishing guide, Glenn Legrand undertook an extraordinary venture to build a fishing camp. Driven by a passion for angling and an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, he worked hard to transform his vision into a reality.  While spending his summers guiding on some of the local salmon fishing rivers, Glenn crossed paths with many well-placed anglers. One day out on the river he met Mike Crosby and Jim Lawley from Nova Scotia and enthusiastically shared his vision of building a fishing camp. Recognizing the potential of his project, these avid fishermen, who were members of the Atlantic Salmon Federation, encouraged angler Greg Burk to join them to form a 4-partner association to start Camp Bonaventure.

They bought a piece of secluded property near the river and the construction of the camp began in 1993.  By the time the fishing season started in 1995, Camp Bonaventure was ready to welcome its first guests to the newly built camp. This premium fishing lodge soon attracted anglers from all over because of its reputation for comfort, good food, the expertise of the local guides, and the prospect of having an unforgettable fishing adventure.  A few years later Dan Greenberg, an ardent salmon fisherman from Ottawa bought into the Camp to become a partner and owner.

What had once been a young fishing guide’s dream was turned into a reality.  After almost three decades of operation, Camp Bonaventure remains committed to offering its guests exhilarating river experiences and a fishing camp that caters to their every need.  


Our Team

Welcome to the Family! Let’s explore the fantastic group of social characters whose main goal is to make your stay at 3Camps the most enjoyable experience possible.