River Report

Fishing report July 25th to 31st

Our fishing continues to be fantastic! The last week of July was as productive as prime time June dates. A full moon brought high tides and just the right amount of rain kept our water levels just perfect.  The two big fish this week was a bright 28 pound male caught on a dry by Francis Gauthier of Quebec while his wife Francoise landed a silver 25 pound rocket! We are still donig most of our fishing from canoes as the water levels are ar early season levels. High rod for the week was Clause Hansen from Denmark.

The hot fly’s for the week , as you can guess were “Bombers”. The wets that worked well were the Stone Ghost, Silver Blue and the Blue Charm. Tubes continue to do very well especially when “hitched” Henrik Mortensen indroduced us to a couple of new patterns that proved themselves on the first cast!



 Henrik Mortensen releases a bright 12 pounder taken on a Tube fly.