River Report

June 1-

June 9, 2024

3Camps Fishing & River Report June 10th to June 16th, 2024

What a fantastic week it has been on the river! We are thrilled to have shared such an incredible experience with all of you, and we hope you enjoyed every moment as much as we did. We are so very blessed to have the privilege of welcoming back friends and new guests year after year. It was heartwarming to see new friendships form and old ones strengthen over shared stories, meals, and the simple joy of fishing.

This week, our rivers were generous, offering opportunities to reel in some impressive catches. From the early mornings when the mist gently lifted off the water, to the warm afternoons filled with laughter and the thrill of the catch, each day was a perfect blend of excitement and tranquility.

The fishing conditions this week were near perfect. The water levels were just right! The clarity of the river allowed for excellent visibility, making it easier to spot the fish and cast our lines with precision. The water conditions played a crucial role in our success. Recent rains at the beginning of last week had brought the river to a prime level. Even though our days were on the warm side, our fresh evenings helped maintain the cool temperatures of the rivers.

The Bonaventure River sparkled this week as the fresh salmon continue to make their return back home. The stunning colors and clarity of the Bonaventure were truly breathtaking. The Bonaventure River began its week flowing at approximately 48 cubic meters per second, peaking at 60 on Monday and ending the week at 47.03 cubic meters per second.

The Grand Cascapedia continued to deliver some wonderful salmon again this week. The rain that we did receive landed in the perfect neck of the woods to help the Grand Cascapedia rise. The Grand began her week flowing at 40.02 cubic meters per second peaking at 48.4 and ending at 33.03 cubic meters per second. These values do remain a little lower than average for this time of year but we will take the rain when and where we can get it!

This was our first week fishing the Petite and as always, she’s a hidden gem! The Petite Cascapedia began its week flowing at 32 cubic meters per second and ended at 36. 

The Salmon’s flies of choice for this week were mostly Stone Ghost, John Olin, Out to Lunch, Black Bear Green Butt and Green Machine. However, we also landed our first salmon on a dry fly this week! So let’s add them to the fly box! 


To health, happiness and tight lines, 

Julia Coull