River Report

June 17-

June 23, 2024

3Camps Fishing & River Report June 17th to June 23rd, 2024

What a wonderful week to be on the river and in camp! We have had the privilege of welcoming back some dear friends to our three camps and it has been another great one for the books! It is always a pleasure to be part of your adventures and memories. We’ve had beautiful reunions, great fishing, mouth-watering meals and even a first Atlantic salmon landed experience for a couple guests! What an honor!

We experienced typical June days for the most part of this week – some sunshine, some clouds, some rain and a few bugs to top it off. Most days averaged 20 degrees Celsius give or take a little and our evenings dropped to 10-15 degrees. With the exception of Tuesday and Wednesday which were absolute scorchers!

Our three rivers and guides produced some memorable experiences for our guests this week. Everyone had at least one encounter with our silver beauties whether it was a tease rolling over the dry fly, an early release or a successful landing in the net. The crystal-clear Bonaventure River levels remained stable this week with fluctuations between 48 and 30 cubic meters per second. The stunning Petite Cascapedia started its week flowing at 33.7 cubic meters per second and ended its week at 23.8. The majestic Grand Cascapedia began its week at 35 cubic meters per second and finished at 21.

Our salmon have been taking all kinds of flies this week. Sizes 6, 8 and 10 were the most popular all depending on the day and the river levels. The most popular wet flies have been John Olin, Black Bear Green Butt, Out to lunch, Stone Ghost and a couple of our wonderful guide creations. As for dry flies, light brown, light blue and green patters have begun to be successful.


Here’s to health, happiness and tight lines,