River Report

Camp Bonaventure Fishing Report Aug 27th to Sept 2nd, 2012

The last week of August brought us a mixed bag, hot at the beginning, rain in the middle and cooler weather at the end. The fishing has been on the same track, some days are great while others were a little slower. We did however manage to have a good week on the rivers with a good number of salmon landed including some nice fresh silver bullets! The weather man is calling for warmer temperatures and a little rain by mid week.


Levin O’Connor has been a regular at Camp Bonaventure for many years, he is a great fisherman and casts only dry’s. Great goiong Levin!

As our water is getting a little cooler we are beginning to use our fall fly’s. Even though our regulars such as the John Olin, Stone Ghost and Silver Rat have been working well, tubes and the Francis fly’s are beginning to do very well. Dry’s continue to take a good number of fish expecially the Brown and Green Bombers.