River Report

Camp Bonaventure Fishing Report, August 11th to 17th, 2014

 We finally received the rain we were hoping for and our rivers have fresh new flow of cool water.. We didn’t get the amount of rain the weather man was calling for but what we received was surley welcome. The Bonaventure and Petite Cascapedia were getting low but now are running at normal levels for this time of the season. The weather system passed a little more to the Northwest so the Grand Cascapedia received more rain. The Grand  went from 10 cubic meters per second to 20 overnight giving it a much need boost getting the fish moving. Sunny days and warm weathwer over the past two weeks have made fishing a little more challenging, we have plenty of salmon in all our pools but they were a little harder to get to take.  Last weeks full moon and high tides brought a good run of fresh salmon in our rivers.   With the rise of water this past week gave us some good fishing. Needless to say all our guides are sporting a big smile. Fishing was good by weeks end and we did manage to land a good number of nice fish including a few nice ones. Rain and showers are forecast over the next few days.

Ray Hart with his first salmon of 2014 but it wasn’t his last, Ray was high rod for the week. Congratulations Ray!

Our dear friend Raymond Hart has been coming to Camp Bonaventure for a number of years. I’m sure you all remember Ray and his incredible courage. For those of you who don’t, Ray is completely Blind but that’s where is handicap ends. As an angler he’s one of the best, with a couple of salmon in the book every day, Ray is high rod for the week. How he can catch salmon on free floating  fly’s is beyond our understanding, the important thing to remember, he does and does it very well, way to go Ray!!!

Isabelle Jewell with a nice salmon, Way to go Isabelle!

Srewary Seibens releases a nice one back to the Bonaventure, nice salmon Stewart.

Now that our rivers have new water, fishing this upcoming week should be great.

Brian Walker ends the week in a great way! good fishing Brian!

Dry’s continue on the top of the list for hot flys, Green, Brown and Blue in sizes 2, 4 and 6. The wets doing the job are the John Olin and Stone Ghost along with the Green Machine, Undertaker and Langa Fancy.

Until next week…Tight Lines,