River Report

Camp Bonaventure Fishing Report, August 5th to 11th, 2013

 You know the old saying “You should have been here last week” Well, I am happy to say that the past week was the time to be here! We are sure making up for our July drought, with rain and showers almost every day. Not the best weather for tourists but great for us salmon fishermen. The Bonaventure, Petite and Grand all received a nice bump in water and the fishing has really turned on. The low water in July sent the early fish to the top of the river and all our upper pools are loaded. The new moon on the 7th also brought a nice run of fresh ones in and they’re still coming, we have good numbers of bright salmon in our lower pools as well. We have been picking up some nice ones on the Grand, our average fish last week was over 25 pounds. More rain on the way next week, will be great for our next group.

Brian Walker has been coming to Camp Bonaventure for years, there are not too many days he doesn’t hook up!

With higher water levels we are using bigger fly’s. The ones to have are the Stone Ghost, Blue Charm, Undertaker and Green Butt. A host of patterns such as the Silver Doctor, Posh Tosh, Silver Wilkinson and Golden Highlander were also responsible for a good number of fish. the best sizes have been 6’s, 8’s. the wets worked very well last week but the dry’s stoled the show one more. Again its been Green, Blue and Dark brown bombers in sizes 2 to 8.

Phillip Saywer with a fresh run Bonaventure salmon, congradulations Phillip!

James Martindale from the UK with his first Bonaventure salmon, good fishing james!

Graham Cherry also from the UK brings his fishing talent across the pond, congradulations Graham!

It so nice to have great water conditions, we’re not used to low water. With showers on the way next week we should have another great wonderful on our rivers.

Until next week,

Tight Lines,