River Report

Camp Bonaventure Fishing Report – June 1st and 2nd, 2013

Welcome back! Our 2013 salmon season is finally open. I always do my weekly reports on Sunday, no reason to change a good thing but this week I only have one day to report on, opening day. Another reason that this weeks report my be a little shorter this time,  is our first guests arrive at Camp Bonaventure and Salmon Lodge today.

Yesterday, I offered to Jeff Bourdage of the “Hooke” video company one of Camp Bonaventures  pools for the morning. By the way you should check our some of the great fishing videos he produces, have a look at www.hooke.com  . Jeff’s wife casted the first fly of the season, a Magog Smelt Tied on a 2/0 single. The first cast of  the season is always special especially when a big silver salmon raises to the surface and takes it! Yes the first cast produced a salmon. Jeff told me that is was a big fish but it only stayed on for a minute. It is better to have hooked and lost than to have not hooked at all, the saying goes something like that. On the Grand Cascapedia there were three bright fish landed and a number of others seen jumping.

The hot fly’ this week, yes you guessed it, the Magog Smelt. Next week will certainly have a report for the week, stay tuned.

Tight lines,