River Report

Camp Bonaventure’s Fishing & River Report June 4th to June 10th, 2023

Welcome back to our weekly river and fishing reports. We are excited to start another season with all of you. The rivers are beautiful and the Salmon even more. Our Guides have been waiting patiently to access the waters. Here’s to an amazing season of fun, laughter, and memories.

The weather this week was a little colder than normal and we had a few days of rain but the passion for salmon fishing is not ratter it rains or shines, it’s about the stories, the salmon, the rivers, and the beautiful nature that surrounds us.

The first Salmon Landed on the Bonaventure was from our very own Dan Greenberg. You can see the excitement in the picture. What a great way to start the season.

Our first Guests arrived at Salmon Lodge this year for opening season. Upon the opening of all the 3 lodges, in the first week we had over 30 salmon landed and certainly lost some. The fish cannot let you win all the time!

Here`s a little information about the 3 rivers.

The Grand Cascapedia River and the Bonaventure are lower than previous years but are fantastic. The water levels are excellent ranging from 35 (m³/s) to 60 (m³/s). The rivers are stunning. We are waiting for the Little Cascapedia River also known as the (Petite) to open on June 15th.

After speaking with multiples guides, we were able to narrow down the most used flies during the week that worked the best for them. We have the Out to Lunch, the Paul Caron and the Yellow Picasse. These specific flies worked wonders this past week.

We look forward to keeping everybody up to date with these river reports.

Until Next Week.

Tight Lines,