Please watch this documentary “Salmon Confidential”

I would like to bring your attention to a new documentary film about salmon farming titled Salmon Confidential. It is produced by Alexandra Morton, Twyla Roscovich and Anissa Reed of British Columbia.  

After more than two decades of trying to bring reason to the salmon farm industry and understand what is happening, the pieces are finally coming together with disturbing clarity. This is thanks to information released in a federal enquiry and the insight and hard work of dedicated scientists and individuals.

Join Alexandra Morton on a journey through the Cohen Commission, to the spawning grounds of wild salmon and into the supermarkets where farmed salmon are testing positive for European viruses. Watch an eagle steal a dead salmon from a salmon farm and bring it to a beach where tissue samples are collected for disease testing. Filmmaker Twyla Roscovich does a wonderful job of threading the complex story together.
The film is just over an hour long . If you care about wild salmon this ‘must-see’ documentary can be viewed at:
” It is very disturbing to me to see how Government hides data and uses intimidation tactics to cover up this real threat to a very important keystone species and integral part of our ecosystem, so as to protect big industry and trade agreements with other countries. “