River Report

Salmon Lodge Fishing Report August 4th to 10th

Fishing continues to be very good. This weeks new moon gave us high tides and a run of fresh salmon and grilseto all our rivers. Water levels on the Bonaventure are normal for mid August and temperatures are not bad at all, in the 55 to 60 degree range. All sections of the Bony are fishing well and we have salmon in all our pools. The Petite Cascapedia is starting to get a bit low but  water temperature remain nice and cool. The Petite has been producing fish for us every day. The Grand Cascapedia could definatly use some rain, showers we received on Thursday didn’t change the levels at all. The branches are too low at the moment and we’re catching all our salmon on the main stem. We’re catching fish every day, but having to work a little harder for them .We’ve stopped using our canoes except for crossing on certain pools. The weather forecast is calling for rain on Thursday and Friday, 30 millimeters, who knows maybe this time?

 Jeff Bright with his first Grand Cascapedia salmon, Congratulations Jeff! 

Lower water conditions call for smaller fly’s and especially dry’s. We’re catching most of our fish on the surface wirh free floating dry’s. It just doesn’t get any better than sight fishing to a big salmon and watching it take you fly off the surface.!  The hot wet fly’s this week have been the Stone Ghost, Blue Charm and Black Bear Green Butt. Drys, especially the Forest Green and Dark Brown ones were doing the job.

 If anyone knows how to catch them, Ernie McFadzen sure does. Nice salmon Ernie!

Jean Mathieu with his first Grand Cascapedia Salmon, nice fish Jean! 

Until next week…Tight Lines,