River Report

Salmon Lodge Fishing Report July 7th to 13th, 2014

Hurricane Arthur brought high winds, plenty of rain and most importantly, plenty of salmon! The rain brought our rivers up to early June levels and combined with a full moon and high tides, we received a strong run of salmon and grilse. Grilse numbers are way up this year, in fact  I haven’t seen this many grilse for a long time. A good grilse year is always followed by a good salmon year, a favorable outlook for 2015!

Jean Pierre Martini put one back in the Bonaventure.

Water levels on the Bony rose to 110 cubic meters per second and was back down to 50 by Sunday evening and clearing well. Big fly’swere on the menu  the first portion of the week but  back to fishing dry’s by Wednesday. The Petite received a good bump of water as well but much less than the Bonaventure. Water conditions on the Petite are perfect at the moment and  fishing remains good with plenty of big salmon and a nice grilse run. The Grand Cascapedia rose substantiallyafter the storm, close to three three feet. The water was stained on Monday but was clearing well and good fishing began again on Tuesday. We landed a good number of big salmon this week on the Grand, a bump in water sure makes a diffeeance. All our rivers are fishing very well at the moment.

Salmon Lodge regular Jean Pierre Martine with a fine Grand Cascapedia salmon!

The tail end of Arthur was certainly a surprise, the Gaspe peninsula received winds of over 80 MPH or 150 KMH. Salmon Lodge was untouched except for a few branches and leaves on the lawn. Camp Bonaventure was a little harder hit, thankfully the lodge wasn’t touched but we did loose a number of old trees on the property. Crews we in cleaning up and by Wednesday you never we had a storm, everything’s back to normal. The biggest problem we faced were the roads, many were blocked by fallen trees. The majority are now cleared but there are still a few closed, thankfully we can still travel by canoe to all our pools and beats. 

Thomas Manhke has been a regular at Salmon Lodge for years, he sure know how to cacth them, Nice fish Thomas.

Hot fly’s this week were the Nagli, Stone Ghost, John olin and Silvre Rat, the Green Machine and Blue Charm also counted for a few. Sizes 4, 6 and 8. With this many grilse around, reallydoesn’t matter what you throw at them, there going to take. Dry’s are always on the top of the list, Blue, Green and Dark Brown, in sizes 2, 4 and 6. 

Ron Brenneman finished off the week as high rod with yet another Cascapedia beauty !, Nice fishing Ron.


Until next week…Tight Lines ,