River Report

Salmon Lodge Fishing Report, June 16th to 22nd, 2014


Everyone has a theory why this season’s salmon run is later than normal. It may be due to the torrential rains we received during the fall of 2010, just after the spawn, global warming or pack ice between Newfoundland and Labrador, who knows. Regardless of the reason, it’s happened before and no doubt will happen again. Fishing hasn’t been great but it’s slowly getting better. As the week progressed we began seeing more and more fresh fish entering the river. Our guides are seeing salmon on most of our beats and catching has increased as well.

Rene Barnes has been a Salmon Lodge regular for years. Originally from Newfoundland, Rene knows how to catch salmon. Nice fish Rene! I bet you caught it on a Blue Charm!

The Bonaventure flow is perfect, running clear at 50 plus cubic meters per second or June 1st levels. The Petite Cascapedia is at normal flow for this time of the season and the conditions are perfect. The Grand Cascapedia did received a bit of rain and flowing at early June levels. Regardless of the late season we did manage to land a number of fine salmon and of course lost a few as well.  

UK angler Charles Dewhurst and Salmon Lodge guide Clement Bernier release a nice one back to the Grand Cascapedia. Congratulatoins Charles, see you next year.

Back in 2007 the first run of fish showed up the last week of June. The new moon and high tides are next Friday and the June tides always bring salmon. The best fly’s this week were the Stone Ghost, John Olin and Blue Charm. We’ve had a few up to dry’s but the water is still a bit cool.

William Pihl with his first fish of 2014, congratulations Bill.

Until next week…Tight lines,