River Report

Salmon Lodge Fishing Report, June 23rd to 30th, 2014

The first month of our 2014 season has come and gone, but not without some challenging fishing. We had some great days and of course some slower ones, but they all have been good. River reports from all across Atlantic Canada are telling the same story, later than normal returns and fewer salmon. Bill Taylor, president of the Atlantic Salmon Federation was fishing with us this past week, Bill’s been in close contact with many river associations,  camp owners and managers , everyone’s telling the same story. The latest reports from this past week have certainly been more positive and encouraging. The Bonaventure is improving from day to day and catches at camp are up considerably with several nice fish landed and even more lost or missed. The water level on the Bony continues to be  higher than normal for this time of the season and we are still travelling from pool to pool with our 26 foot canoes.
Regular Ken Dunston with Salmon Lodge guide Regi Cyr putting a nice one back on the Petite Cascapedia. Congratulations Ken!

The water temperatures are perfect, in the low 50’s and dry fly’s are working very well. The Petite Cascapedia is getting a nice run of fresh salmon and fishing’s been better than just OK, all our anglers did well on the Petite this week. Water temperatures are in the low 50’s and levels are higher than average for this time of the season. Next week should be even better with fresh fish entering on every tide. The Grand Cascapedia continues to be one of the best rivers this year, we’re not breaking any records but our catches are not too far behind normal. The main river and branches are producing well and water levels and temperatures remain favorable. Even with higher than normal water levels on all our rivers, they don’t take long to fall when the weather turns hot. The next few days are going to be hot and humid with temperatures in the 30 degree range, maybe the hot weather will spark a few thunderstorms or bring rain next week.
Bill Pihl with a fine Grand Cascapedia salmon, putting it back to swim another day. Nice Fish Bill.

Smaller wet flys and dry’s are beginning to work very well. The hot fly’s have been the John Olin, Stone Ghost, Blue Charm, Silver Rat and Same Thing Murray. What is a “Same thing Murray you might ask? While attending the Moncton Fly-Fishing show this past March, Show organizer Jacques Heroux gave me a number of fly’s he called a ” Same Thing Murray”. It’s about an angler who was catching a number of fish on a particular fly. His friend asked what fly he was using? the angler replied “Same thing Murray”, Now you know the story! Dry’s especially Green and Dark Brown Bombers are doing the trick.
New Hampshire native Biran Spence with another Grand Cascapedia beauty, nice salmon Brian!

We’ve been used to banner salmon returns for many years, when we experience a less productive one like this season, it catches us by suprise. Its only the beginning of July and our season is just getting started. Don’t worry, more salmon will come over the next days and weeks and it’s only going to get better. Just as I am finishing this report, Camp Bonaventure head guide Mario reports “good numbers of fresh salmon in our lower pools today! 
Jim Lawley from Halifax put one back in the Grand, nice salmon Jim!

Until next week…Tight Lines,