River Report

Salmon Lodge – Fishing & river report Sept 7th to 13th, 2015

September is by far my favorite period of the season, water temperatures are perfect and we always receive just the right amount of rain the keep the rivers levels perfect.  Our pools are loaded with salmon at this time of the season and the fall run of bright fish are coming in on every tide.

Claude Lachance with Salmon Lodge guide Yvan Bernard, nice one Claude!

Nova Scoitian Jim Dickson with his first Grand Cascapedia salmon of 2015, congratulations  Jim!

 Our rivers are in perfect condition, the Grand Cascapedia is fishing very well and flowing at 25 cubic meters per second, mid-July levels, we just had a simply wonderful week on the Grand, especially for big fish. The Petite Cascapedia is in great shape and flowing at 12 cubic meters, not high but certainly more volume than usual for this time of the season. Fishing on the Petite has been excellent, everybody we had on the Petite this week caught fish. The Bonaventure is fishing very well  and conditions are perfect. Water flow on the Bony is at 18 Cubic meters and the temperatures are in the 50 degree range. The fall run has been coming in strong and with the next weeks new moon and  high tides, we should have some happy anglers.

Jim Dickson know how to get it done!

Hilmar Hannson from Iceland with his first North American Atlantic salmon, nice one Hilli!, 

 The September fly choice is different from any other time of the season. The Red Francis is always the fly of choice this time of the year.. Along with the Red Francis the Alley Shrimp and GP are also doing very well.  As long as our water temperatures stay in the 50’sdry fly’s will continue to produce.

Howard Suziki is an inspiration to all anglers, at 87 he knows how its done, congratulations Howard!

Until next week,

Tight Lines,