River Report

Fishing report Aug 29th to Sept 4th

Rain, rain and more rain, this is the only way to discribe the last couple of weeks. On Monday August 22 we received about two inches of rain that brought our rivers up almost to spring levels. Just as we were getting back to normal and catching fish again hurricain Irene payed a visit to the Gaspe Peninsula and dumped anothe 3 inches on us! We fished on Monday but Tuesday and Wednesday were spent at camp. The Bonaventure and Petite Cascapedia rose about four feet while the Grand came up only a two and quickly fell. We still managed to have a good week on the river with good numbers of salmon including a number of fresh ones. It looks like we are expecting more rain this week, an inch or two. lets hope the weather man is wrong.


We are continuing to fish big fly’s as the water is stained. This weeks hot ones were the Stone Ghost, Blue charm and 3 inch tubes. Dry’s were working well early in the week when the water was clear.



Our head guide Mario releases a 22lb  bright silver bullet!